Second Wind «Invet»


March 17, 2009 
Second Wind «Invet» 

There is a map of the USSR in the office of the Joint Stock Company «Invet» - the evidence of the former fame of the company, known earlier as the factory «Zoovetinstrument». Collars, nasal rings, tagging for farm animals, operating tables, various pliers and other products connected small Bigosovo in Verhnedvinsk district, where they were produced, with all parts of a large country. The plant somehow survived the economic recession, having lost its vast market, having reduced the production of profile goods by 5% and changing the name. When in 2004 Sergey Gromadka became Chief Executive Officer, the main products were plastic sprayers, watering cans, buckets, utensils, shelves and other consumer goods. Production suffered losses.


At the end of 2006 the Joint Stock Company «Invet» was visited by the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergey Sidorskiy. The first outcome of that visit was a protocol of how to get out of the crisis. Running ahead, we say that due to the changes the staff makes a profit for last two years, the production volume has reached 20 milliard rubles (comparing with 5.5 milliard in 2005). A change has been made towards industrial group of products, the italian technique of rotational molding of hollow plastic products has been introduced.

A new range of goods began with the production of boxes for individual keeping of calves. These are small houses with unique open-air cages. A fifth of them was sold in Moscow, Tula and Kaluga regions, they were also appreciated at their true value in Tatarstan.

Most "strike" product of "Invet" today - 500 - and 600-litre fuel tanks, which became the beginning of a fruitful cooperation with the giants of the domestic industry - Minsk Tractor Works and «Gomselmash». Today about 26.000 tractors «Belarus» are equipped with fuel tanks from Bigosovo. In addition, they are included in the sets that MTP sends a for the assembling of tractors in Tatarstan, the Czech Republic and China.


Last year the pilot batch of combines with fuel tanks «Invet» was tested at harvest. Since this February the serial supply of tanks to «Gomselmash» has begun. About four hundred have been sent with five hundred litres each. 600-litre ones are ordered for March - with such fuel reservoirs Gomelers collect a party of combines for Russia. In addition, a project documentation is prepared for the production of extension cords for our combines. The first prototypes have already been taken to Gomel. For «Belavtodor» in Bigosovo water-filled spacer blocks, guiding landmark stands, signal cones are produced. Landscape designers from Minsk and Novopolotsk create original compositions for vertical landscaping from plastic bowls, half-bowls where flowers grow well. One of the specific addresses - the area in front of Palace of the Republic, the best of these products by «Invet» - a double wall that protects the root system from early frost. The set includes a decorative metal construction for bowls. Consumer goods, mostly vases, are available in Russia. It is also well known for domestic buyers. To improve the competitiveness of the product several imported machines «Termoplast» have been installed. Tagging for cattle is made today with laser application rates.

In plans - cooperation with the Minsk Automobile Plant. The possibilities «Invet» of import substitution of a number of components for enterprise companions are being studied.

Another idea of the local experts - the production of plastic (separable and non-separable) containers for vegetable storage - the Czech and Israeli samples. Now the wooden ones are used in Belarus. Price of the business - 4 million euros.

There is a search for new technologies. «Invet» - a pioneer in our country in rotational molding (practically the same technology is used at Borisov Factory of plastic products), but the difficulty is that there is no raw materials for manufacturing of fuel tanks either in our republic, nor in the former Soviet Union. Expensive imported ones have to be bought. Polyethylene film by will not go, and today's production volumes of «Invet» are still insufficient for the organization of production of raw materials in Novopolotsk. The introduction of new technologies requires funding. «Invet» benefits in accordance with the state program of development of regions, small and medium urban settlements, which includes Bigosovo. Actually, the town is included in the program as an exception to revive the one-company towns. Released as a result of tax exemptions money is used for development. Last year this figure amounted to 330 million rubles. - a lot for our country. To make the second breath of «Invet» as deep as possible, the leadership and collective warked hardly. Today it is 380 people, most residents Bigosovo and the surrounding villages. When the new equipment was installed by the Italians - professionals and the best workers of the enterprise learnt from them. Technology was studied by themselves. The forms of many new products - are own production. Over the past three years a thousand and a half square metres of factory space previously untapped were put into operation, the certification of productionwas conducted .

Chief Executive Officer Sergey Gromadko has been recently awarded the title «The person of the year in Vitebsk region». Outstanding workers of the enterprise are the Technical Director Eduard Smulko, the deputy for quality Vladimir Kanurin, rotomolding manager Alexander Narubin, the technical manager Valeriy Liahovich, the tool shop manager Mihail Gorday, milling-machine operators Ruslan Gurchenko and Ivan Zhuk, toolmaker Mihail Hitrikov, designer Victor Sigutkin and other engineers and workers.

The number of staff compared to the old times has decreased. No one was made redundant specially, while only two automatic longitudinal turning machines, bought last year, replaced 18 people. Some had changed their place of work, the others retired. But the company continues to need highly qualified engineers, technologists, workers of mass professions. Management supports local young people who wish to study at universities, for the futher work with «Invet». The visitors are given a hostel: a room for a single, a block for a family.

So all the parameters of today's «Invet» create the image of a modern and forward-looking company. Witness - the successful participation of Bigosovo products in the national competition «The best products of the Republic of Belarus»: boxes for individual keeping of calves were awarded with diplomas (2007), also road blocks (2008). In this contest ornamental design for vertical landscapingwill be presented. Nationwide it is exclusive too.

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