Joint Stock Company "Invet" is 50


June 19, 2009 
Joint Stock Company "Invet" is 50 


With faith in tomorrow.

Jubilee is always an occasion for reflection on its journey, landmark, which outlines the achievements and identifies plans. This is our today's conversation with the CEO of Joint Stock Company "Invet" , S.N. Gromadko.

- Sergey Nikolaevich, it is symbolically, that the enterprice has reached such a high qualitative production level by such a date.

- Indeed, Joint Stock Company "Invet" has added significantly to the growth in production volumes for the past three years. In 2005 it was only 5.6 milliard rubles (2.3 milliard of losses), but last year it was already 18.9 milliard. During 5 months of this year the production volume has increased by 157% comparing with the same period of 2008 (in comparable prices). At the same time goods in stock do not exceed the norms. We are working at reducing the unit cost. The transference of the production to the usage of gas was positive. About 300 tons of standard coal were saved. The enterprise has a constant profit which is the evidence of its stability.

- All complain about the economic crisis, but has it touvhed "Invet"?

- If not for that fact, today it would lead to more significant achievements. The crisis affected the most export-oriented enterprises. "Invet" works in cooperation with Minsk Tractor Works, Ltd. Gomselmash - the largest exporters of domestic products. Their productionhas reduced, orders from ushas also reduced. To partially compensate for the loss, we are looking for partners to expand the supply of our products to domestic market. We are cooperating with the factory and Smorgon Aggregate Plant. We are develop forms for new products for Belarusian consumers. We are expandingthe range of goods for JSC Gomselmash. In plans the establishing of business contacts with Minsk Automobile Plant, road-building association "Amkador".

The priority production of "Invet" is industrial output. Its share stands at 57%.

- And what is the main rangeof goods? Where are products supplied!

- Our brand, for which a technical re-equipment was held, the line for rotational molding was installed - is polymer boxes for individual keeping of newborn calves. This was the order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, which is workable till this day. The Russian market: Moscow, Tula, Novgorod, Pskov, Voronezh, Kaluga, and other areas appreciate them at their true value. Agricultural enterprises of Kazakhstan, Karelia and Tatarstan are also interested in boxes.

Products, which is the pride of the plant today - fuel tanks for MTW and Gomselmash. Over 26 thousand tractors "Belarus" feature invetovskimi tanks. They also come in kits that MT sends to build tractors in Tatarstan, the Czech Republic, China.

After successful tests on combines with fuel tanks by "Invet" 1500 500-litre tanks were sent to Gomselmash. In addition, project documentation is prepared for the production of parts for harvester combines. The first prototypes are already in Gomel.


As a part of the state program of import substitution the production of water-filled and divisive road blocks, sending milestones stand signal cones began, which the company Belavtodor bought earlier in Russia. And demand for these products has not diminished. As well as the decorative vases, vertical planting - the result of the creative union of factory craftsmen. And this product has stable customer - the company "Minsk-Zelenstroy", which prefers these vases to French ones, saving expensive foreign currency.


- These are already consumer goods ...

- It takes a niche in the production and also brings a stable income. There are about 180 items of plastic products - everything you need in everyday life that are in demand. We purchased 5 new injection molding machines that improve the quality and design of these products, in addition they lower material usage and increase labor productivity.

We improve also earlier specialized sphere of production to produce goods for zooveterinary. We offer tools and accessories of 30 species. We bought a vertical injection molding machines for production of l tagging for animals with laser application rates. This product is in demand in domestic livestock.

- It seems that the modernization of production is a continuous process. And how is it justified in the current difficult times?

- We follow the folk wisdom: put your front, rear find. Of course, modernization requires large investments, but without it there is no future. There was a need to acquire two longitudinal turning machines for the production of inserts for the fuel tanks. Over the past three years 1500 m3 of additional space have been reconstructed and are involved in the production process, which contains 2 parts of rotational molding. We are dealing with the idea of buying another such line. During this time, stock of cars is almost completely renewed.

-No matter how advanced technology may be, progress and stable development of production is impossible without highly qualified and professional workers.

- Yes, at first the administration of MTZ was skeptical at the proposal of the plant from remote areas of cooperation. But we have proved what we stand! We revived the company, breathed life into him. On the anniversary the collective of "Invet" was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the National Assembly of Belarus.

- CEO S.N. Gromadko was awarded in 2008 the title of "The person of the year in Vitebsk". Congratulations again.

-Thank you. There are a lot of masters of the business enterprise, of course. Engineering and technical employees - team of enthusiastic and like-minded people: Technical Director E.I. Smulko, Deputy of CEO of Production and Quality V.N. Ryzhik and V.M. Kanurin, heads of department of rotational molding andplant maintenance and manufacturing tooling A.K. Narubin and M.P. Gordey, chief accountant S.S. Dashkevich, chief of the planning department, sales department and logistics A.V. Gyach, V.V. Shketik and E.A. Solovey, Deputy of the Head of Sales V.Y. Snytkin and Process Engineer of Technical Department V.I. Sigutkin. The labor elite of the enterprises are millers I.G. Zhuk and R.V. Gurchenok, toolmaker M.K. Khitrik and E.S. Stoma, facility operator of rotomolding S. C. Shinkevich, I.V. Tomasevic and S.V. Balashov, founder T.M. Belova and adjuster of casting S.I. Stanevich. The team of autotransport site is also very responsible. I sincerely thank all the employees, respected veterans for the dedication, hard work and support. Congratulations to the "golden" anniversary, I wish you health and prosperity.

The greatest assets.

The key issue for the company - the quality of manufactured products, which guarantee the implementation, production, stability and reliability of goods. On "Invet" the quality management system for compliance with international standards of series IR 9000 is introduced and certified.

Products "Invet" listed on the republican contest "The best Product of the Year of the Republic of Belarus". In the nomination "Production for industrial purposes" diplomas were awarded: in 2001 - for the individual boxes for the keeping of calves, in 2008 - for the road spacer blocks.

This is the friendly and cohesive team of the company. They are Patriots of Bigosovo district, masters and professionals who can selflessly create and build.

In the eve of the annivesary, many workers won prizes - Diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the executive committee, regional and district committees of trade unions of workers of agriculture, letters of appreciation and cash prizes.

The 50-year history of the plant have developed credible labor dynasties, which is the best guarantee of his life. Now, next to the parents and relatives there are young factory workers by the name Dashkevich, Ryzhikov, Bykov, Kuzmich, Kozlov, Malay, Olihver and others. Many working couples: Gyach, Shketiki, Hitrikovy, Ashmyago, Borovets, Basurginy, Gonchar, Lomonosov, Narubin, Kuriksha, proud, Zakharov Usenkovy, Shkunovy, Sigutkin, Podalevichi, Kanuriny.

It is possible to say that staffing companies - good basis for future achievements. Synthesis of experience and enthusiasm of the older generation, education of youth has already borne fruit. Over the past three years here it's 15 young professionals. P.A. Yupatov made an important contribution to the development of "Invet" - he is an engineer-technologist, A.P. Ponomorenko - quality engineer, O.N. Soloviev - Economist ofPlanning Division, L.F. Makarova - an accountant. But still good professionals are needed. The Administration proposes directions for school leavers, but with good certificates, it is ready to help future professionals. Though there should not be only work. Sport and amateur activities are widely represented at competitions and contests of all levels. The team "Invet" has repeatedly won the competitions in football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, checkers and chess. Since 2007 - the leader of the regional sports meeting. At a recent tourist gathering it took the2nd place.

This spring the youth team "Invet" called "Plastic Paradise" won the district competition "On Friday, the 13th", the main task of which was a colourful presentation of their enterprises.

Among workers of the plant there are a lot of singers, cooks and handy people who demonstrate their talents on Street Festivals, participate in various competitions.

Who works well, has also a good rest.

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