The second birth the Joint Stock Company «Invet»


June 26, 2009 
The second birth the Joint Stock Company «Invet» 


Jubilee celebrations in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Joint Stock Company «Invet» became a real celebration, which brought together not only people working in the enterprise, but also veterans, standing at the beginning of the plant Zoovetpgnstrument, which was known all over the Union. The Hall met with applause its first director Ilya Yurjevych Pecherskiy, who was invited to the anniversary among the honored guests.

The stages of the plant, its present day, the people associated with its production were shown in the colourful video, created to this date. G.S. Kuzmich, V.A. Davydov, N.B. Skopich, K.I. Kislyak, R.M. Sharok, S.B. Berezovsky and other veterans have written many glorious pages in the history of the company.

Ceo of "Invet" S.N. Gromadko noted that "Invet" today - the result of joint efforts to modernize production, improve production, enhance its competitiveness in domestic and international markets. The Ceo thanked the plant employees for their dedication, hard work for the stable future "Invet".

The achievements of jubileer are adequately evaluated. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus N.P. Katkavets presented the testimonial of the Council of Ministers and said that the highly specialized "Zoovetinstrument" has become a large modern multi-enterprise which contributes greatly to the development of agriculture of the country. Diplomas of Ministry Director to CEO of "Invet" S.N. Gromadko, the shop manager of rotational molding A.K. Narubin, milling I.G. Zhuk, locksmith equipment V.V. Tychkov were handed by the chief financial - credit department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food V.S. Pordon.

The deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir V.Yu. has a a special relationship with the team of "Invet", that launched his candidacy for parliament. Vladimir Y. takes an active part in the affairs of the enterprise. And this day he handed with pleasure Certificate of Merit of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus to the team.

About the significant role in the life of Bigosovo and the district in general was said in the speech of Chairman of Executive Committee Ivan Markovich. Welcome address and a colour TV "Vitiaz" are gifts for the anniversary. The head of the district presented a large group of employees with Diplomas of executive committee. A toolmaker M.K. Hitrikovu handed Diploma of Vitebsk regional executive committee.

34,5 thousand tractors MTZ have fuel tanks "Invet", said the head of the configuration management of external cooperation of the Minsk Tractor Factory A.V. Zhilko. Fuel tanks and other components are supplied for combines Gomselmash, noted in her speech the head of price conjuncture of association P.N. Letiago.

On behalf of employees of agricultural production the head of the Agriculture and Food Executive Committee Vladimir Bykov handed S.N. Gromadko Certificate of Merit of the District Council of Deputies. But the chairman of a separate division of the Vitebsk Agro Union in Verhnedvinsk District, Director of "Osveysky" N.P. Martynov presented a refrigerator. Warm and heartfelt speech gave the chairman of regional committee of trade union of workers of agriculture L.D. Bubnova. She handed the three trade union activists of"Invet" - T.V. Olihver, N.P. Savostin and A.M. Andrukovich - Diplomas Regional Committee of the Workers' Union agro-industrial complex.

This day, "Invet" took so many guests and friends that it ishard to enumerate them. During the festival, sports competitionstook place, side-show worked, food was sold. Inside the Palace of Culture there was an exhibition of products "Invet". The house of craftsmen amazed with its exhibits gallery and national cuisine "Gaspadynka" - wonderful holiday dishes. All day the music and songs of amateur artists, young pop studio "Solo" and "Larks" from Verkhnedvinsk was heard. culmination of the evening was the performance of Concert Orchestra by Mikhail Finberg.

Again came everyday work, but they are relieved by the achievements of a 50-year creative way. We wish the team "Invet" new successes.

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