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Brest region  
The title «TET» in Brest
The director Hvorost B.V.
Phone number (+375-162) 45-22-26
The title «Raduga» in Baranovichi
The director Truskovskiy A.A.
Phone number (+375-1634) 5-41-29
The title Private unitary enterprise «Brest» in Brest
The director Telnuk I.V.
Phone number (+375-162) 42-42-74
The title
Joint Stock Company "Brestobuvtorg" in Brest
The director Shrub N.A.
Phone number (+375-162) 41-53-56
The title «Stolinopttorg» in Stolin
The director Vabishchevich N.G.
Phone number (+375-1655) 25-3-72
The title Private unitary enterprise «Pinsk» in Pinsk
The director Verenich V.A.
Phone number (+375-1653) 5-31-51



Vitebsk region  
The title Joint Stock Company "Vitebsk hoztorg" in Vitebsk
The director Laks L.Ch.
Phone number (+375-212) 24-38-18
The title "Polotsk universal base" in Polotsk
The director Kravchinia L.I.
Phone number (+375-214) 42-83-52



Gomel region  
The title «Kalinkovichi mezhraybaza» in Kalinkovichi
The director Mirutenko Z.L.
Phone number (+375-2345) 2-02-11
The title «Obltorgsoyuz» ОРБ «Electrohoztorg» in Gomel
The director Prokopenko E.F.
Phone number (+375-232) 54-96-33
The title «Promprodtorg» ЧТУП «Donapris» of Gomel ОПС in Rechitsa
The director Karp L.M.
Phone number (+375-2340) 5-47-95
The title «Gomel universal base» in Gomel
The director Semeniuk P.E.
Phone number (+375-232) 51-75-41



Grodno region  
The title Unitary enterprise «Bakaleya» in Grodno
The director Sitsko N.I.
Phone number (+375-152)52-45-37
The title Private unitary enterprise «Universal base of Grodno Regional Executive Committee» in Grodno
The director Ilkevich M.F.
Phone number (+375-152) 55-42-75
The title «Grodno Culttorg» in Grodno
The director Makaeva T.R.
Phone number (+375-152) 43-01-64



Mogiliov region  
The title Mogiliov Joint Stock Company "Galantereya" in Mogiliov
The director Ivashkova I.N.
Phone number (+375-222) 26-30-70
The title Joint Stock Company "Belhoztorg – 1M" in Mogiliov
The director Zelenskaya T. N.
Phone number (+375-222) 31-56-45
The title «Oblpromopttorg» in Mogiliov
The director Lesnikov K.A.
Phone number (+375-222) 42-74-76
The title «Bobrujsk commercial centre» in Bobrujsk
The director Leshik V.T.
Phone number (+375-225) 43-43-72



Minsk region  
The title Private unitary enterprise «Slutsk base» in Slutsk
The director Gorobets L.S.
Phone number (+375-17) 956-62-14
The title Joint Stock Company "Belhoztorg" in Minsk
The director Sahno V.K.
Phone number (+375-222) 31-56-45




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